The Mission

Visuals & narratives are the most powerful forms of communication.

The Power of Media

Storytelling videos, pristine photographs, and eye-catching graphics dramatically enhance an organisation’s values and impact on public perception. For charitable organisations, this is pivotal to forging meaningful partnerships and securing essential funding. A visual narrative put together in just the right way will capture the real value and impact of an organisation’s work, sticking the emotional landing and securing their external goals.

The Challenges

Small-scale charitable organisations face three key challenges in media creation.

  • Time | A carefully crafted, story-driven, 5-min video edit can take 50 hours to make. For small-scale organisations, 50 hours is crucial time lost dedicated to impact.
  • Cost | Professional-grade software, equipment, and content licenses can amount to over £1,000s. For small-scale organisations with an average income of £10,000-25,000, media can become 4-10% of their expenditure.
  • Access | A small-scale organisation may be lucky to have a part-time volunteer with creative skills to produce content or they may hire a one-off business-driven free lancer. But, a continuous and collaborative option is not available.

Editors for Impact

We are a UK based Social Enterprise made up of creators passionate to use our skills to capture the value and impact of causes that matter. We believe charitable organisations need the best media representation of their impact and that time, cost, and access should be no barriers.

The Impact-Driven Model

Charitable Organisations can become members of Editors for Impact, accessing a network of content creators on-demand.

Our creators – Impact Editors – are volunteers dedicated to producing content for meaningful causes. They may be students or full-time professionals, but talented with creative skills looking to build their portfolio while doing so for a cause that matters to them.

Impact Editors are matched to Charitable Organisations according to requirements. This may be one video editor, or a team of editors, animators and voiceover speakers, consulting and collaborating to produce the best content possible.

Our Impact

Charitable Organisations

Media representation is no barrier

Editors for Impact takes care of the time, cost and access enabling Charitable Organisations to focus on what really matters, impact to their beneficiaries.

We increase the presence and quality of their media, best-positioning their public perception, partnerships and funding supporting their main line of work.

We directly impact Charitable Organisations, and indirectly, their beneficiaries.


A platform bridging content-creation and impact

Editors for Impact is providing a platform for individuals to develop their creative skills while doing so for a cause that matters to them.

We provide a completely flexible and intermitted opportunity to work with Charitable Organisations, meaning a full-time job is no barrier to creativity.

As Impact Editors, individuals have the unique opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded multidisciplinary creators, dedicated to impact.

Our Ambition

To Revolutionise Media for Impact

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