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As a partner you are able to request our creative services for as long as we stand.

Our services are free | In future, we may transition to a yearly fee to help us maintain, improve & grow our operations so that we can keep providing you our services towards your impact.

Our only real price | Your organisation needs to be addressing challenges in environmental sustainability or social foundations. Can you pass the Doughnut test? Find out below.

We are always looking to forge new exciting, ambitious and meaningful partnerships.

The Doughnut Test

The world is incredibly complex, and the variety of global challenges to address is astounding. We use Kate Raworth’s Doughnut model to visualise these global challenges. To partner with us you must pass the Doughnut test.

To join us you must be able to reason how your work is addressing either the overshoot of Earth’s ecological ceiling or the shortfall of society’ social foundations. If you fall within these areas, then there is an opportunity to forge a partnership with Editors for Impact.

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Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Concept from her book, “Dougnut Economics
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